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Kratom: Natural Support for Energy, Stress and Wellbeing

With the speed of information today, some botanical substances that have been known for their mood-enhancing qualities for hundreds of years are now emerging as popular treatments in every corner of the globe. One of these that has recently appeared in mainstream culture throughout the U.S. and Europe is the kratom plant.

It has only been in the past decade or so that the kratom plant (Mitragyna speciosa) has gained significant recognition for its herbal potential. Kratom grows indigenously in Thailand and Southeast Asia, where it has long been used for its powers in providing both stimulant and opioid-like pain relief effects.

In the U.S., kratom’s arrival on the market has mostly been to treat withdrawal from opioid dependency. Word traveled through smoke shops and the internet when others became interested in using kratom for pain management, general relaxation, and relieving depression and anxiety symptoms.

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