Kratom Warrior Information,Latest News ‘OG Kratom’ shop to open in Huai Khwang

‘OG Kratom’ shop to open in Huai Khwang

A shop dedicated to juicing Bangkok up on kratom is opening this month.

Products including kratom-infused drinks, foods, powders, capsules, and merchandise will be sold at the OG Kratom store when it opens Nov. 20 on Ratchadaphisek Road in the Huai Khwang district.

The centerpiece will be OG Kratom’s signature sodas on tap and in bottles, as well as kratom edibles in the form of cookies, candies, and gummies, according to owner Jake Coyner.

“I’m excited to open the world’s first real kratom shop,” Coyner said. “The shops that have been selling kratom are cannabis dispensaries, head shops, vape shops; but there’s never been a shop only dedicated to kratom.”

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