Kratom Warrior Information Can kratom kill?

Can kratom kill?

Many Reddit posters want advice on dosing, and those dosages tend to be on the order of heaping tablespoons and multi-grams — far more than what’s required for a coffee-like pick-me-up. Tolerance is also a recurring theme. In post after post people complain they can’t get the effects they had previously enjoyed, even after switching strains and colors. The general advice is to lay off for a few days and start again. A third common concern is side effects. Constipation, nausea, even “record-breaking fart volume” are cited alongside testimonials of “it saved my life.”

There is testimony that kratom doesn’t show up on drug tests — especially appealing for the subset of people who say they take kratom mainly to get high (“I get good burns all day long,” says one user). It actually can show up, though few employers and law enforcement agencies test for it.

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