Kratom Warrior Information Tips on Keeping Your Kratom Tolerance Down

Tips on Keeping Your Kratom Tolerance Down

We’ve all heard the saying, “Everything in moderation.” Like most herbal remedies, if you consume the tropical plant Kratom regularly, you may begin to notice that you’re not feeling its effects as strongly as you once did. This isn’t your imagination — chances are, you’ve developed a tolerance that has changed the way your system responds to Kratom’s benefits. 

If you want to start enjoying a more powerful boost from your favorite Kratom products again, there are a handful of things you can do to help your body maintain or regain its sensitivity to this botanical. Here are some handy tips on keeping your Kratom tolerance down. 

What is Kratom Tolerance?

Just as you can develop a tolerance to other herbal remedies, drinks, and foods, such as coffee and sugar, your body can develop a tolerance to Kratom.

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