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What is Maeng Da Kratom?

Mitragyna speciosa, or Maeng Da Kratom, is a tropical evergreen tree related to a coffee plant and is native to Southeast Asia. It originated in Thailand but can be found in Malaysia and Indonesia as well. 

Maeng Da is a long-lasting and potent variety of Kratom that offers benefits that many people find attractive. Although marketing ploys can be deceiving, Maeng Da Kratom does not come from a particular leaf or tree but is unique only through its special processing. Maeng Da Kratom is most often created from red Kratom leaves, although the process differs from traditionally harvested Kratom. 

What Does Maeng Da Mean?

Maeng Da is originally a Thai term that means “pimp” or slang for “pimp grade.” This name for a more potent Kratom is a marketing tactic. While calling someone, a pimp in Thai would suggest they are amoral; a pimp is a status symbol of strength and success in the West.  

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